There are many facets to photography and professional photography requires a broad combination of both technical and creative skills. Indeed, the advent of digital photography has brought with it a huge frontier of creative and technical possibilities.

On the technical side, my career began after graduation from Guilford College with personal computers in 1981 and grew to include multimedia production, streaming media for the Web, Internet application development, digital asset management and many other applications central to digital imaging. I first learned photography in a darkroom with film as a teenager and in 1992 I implemented the first commercial digital photography studio in North Carolina. This experience is relevant to my skill as a photographer in that it gives me the ability to provide my clients with the knowledge and best practices for managing and distributing their media in this digital world.

On the creative side, my photography career is a lifelong search for images that hold and render the essential rhythm of life in place. Like music that moves you to dance, photography that connects the rhythm within us to the rhythm of the world around us. Fortunate is an image that can reveal this reflection. My highest credential is your reaction to my art and this website is an invitation for just that.