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Vineyard at Dusk

I took this shot this evening near Clemmons while e fog rolled into the valley at Childress Vineyards. It almost looks like snow but, oddly enough,  the temperature was somewhere in the 60’s here on January 12. I like the intricate pattern of the grape vines framed by the symmetry of the posts and the gentle light of dusk makes it even more soothing. Think I’ll go get some wine…

Vineyard Fog

Elvis Impersonator

Shot this in High Point this evening. And I thought this guy was dead.


Night Fall

I took this shot this evening in downtown Winston Salem. This tree was already ablaze with red and orange color and street light amplifies the colors even more. What I like best about this shot is the natural occurrence of a pitch black sky which makes the tree really stand out. Most fall pictures are of vibrant colors against a dark blue sky while this one speaks more to the pure vibrancy of the leaves. Kind of Halloween like too.

Night Fall

Another sunset shot

I have a snobbish aversion to shooting sunsets because well, that’s what amateurs do. Looking at this shot, however, I’m reminded why it really doesn’t matter.

Another Sunset

Who is that man?

Like my last post, this shot was taken at my buddy Grant’s place in Grayson county Virginia. Look in the top left hand corner and you’ll see the distinct figure of a bearded man’s profile looking across the sky. No, I did not put this in the image with Photoshop – seriously. This is a delightful surprise and consistent with the beauty of the day.

Man in the Clouds

Grant’s Place

I took this shot this weekend high in the mountains overlooking Grayson county in southern Virginia. The sun was about 20 minutes from setting and had just dipped below a line of clouds to cast a nice reddish light on the ground and complimenting an already spectacular sky. I kinda like this one. It’s all about the light.

Grant’s Place

Nap Time

I like the light here and the way it lays upon the sheets. Makes we want to take a nap…

Nap Time


Hummingbirds are cool. Seriously cool.



Few of us like to have our picture taken unless of course the photo makes us look more beautiful than we are. More often than not, the opposite happens because the camera, as they say, does not lie. This portrait isn’t flattering in the traditional sense in that it doesn’t contain the ad agency promoted smooth skin, white teeth and youth image that bombards us every day in print, billboards, TV and elsewhere. It is, however, accurate. I took this shot of my aging uncle who has recently survived both lung cancer and a lower leg amputation. Maybe this unflattering photo captures some of the pain of pushing 90 years old but may it also reflect the beautiful will  and strength that remains. An unflattering, beautiful, accurate and real image. Bless you Uncle Robert.



Rhythm In Place

Another shot from Sue Sassmann’s 2012 Greensboro Summer Solstice and I think this one reflects the festival well. With temperatures in the 90’s, this mother and child danced to the rhythm of several percussionists on a variety of drums. The soft blur reflects the motion and the bright sun hanging low striking her hair and the fairy wings frame the mood of the event. To put it in literary terms, try this Solstice Recipe:  Mix one part motion blur, one part ecstasy smile and one part sunlit fairy wings with a hundred or so drum beats. Bake thoroughly in 90+ temperatures until glistening moist and rejoice in the warm connection of human spirits dancing to rhythm in place.

Solstice Recipe